KlassENgineering uses modern computer mathematics programs to analyze control stability. The programs allow the detailed analysis of system response using Laplace and Z transforms, Bode plots, time domain analysis.

These calculations are useful for analyzing vibration problems in rotating equipment or web tension.

Unwind Tension Calculation

This form is used to calculate tension created by a dc motor driven center driven unwind whose flux is kept proportional to unwind diameter. This calculation assumes 10% losses and usually results in a lower resulting tension than measured by the load cells. Please email me with details of how this calculation measures up for your winder.

Design Speed (not Actual Speed):
Motor Rated Armature Current:  Amps
Motor Measured Armature Current: Amps
Motor Rated Power:
Web Trim Width:
Motor Rated Armature Volts:
    Tension:  PLI N/m

By Clarence Klassen, KlassENgineering cklassen@klassen.on.ca