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2. Elevator Rated Motor Power

A 1 HP elevator motor cannot produce 1 HP for all weights of the rider. This is because a motor produces rated power only at or above its rated RPM. A typical motor is rated at 1750 RPM.

Assume the elevator gear ratio is optimized to give 660.3 ft. rise in 1 minute for a 50 lb. rider (See previous example). The gear ratio using a 1 foot diameter sheave will be:

Gear Ratio = Motor Rated RPM / Sheave RPM

Gear Ratio = 1750RPM / 210.3RPM

Gear Ratio = 8.3

Enter your weight to determine the sheave RPM which gives the elevator the rate of rise for 1 HP actual. At this sheave RPM, the Rated Power of a motor which will actually provide 1 HP toward lifting is: At this speed, and with a fixed gear ratio, the sheave and motor RPM must be:

Enter Your Weight: 
Height: ft m Sheave RPM:
    Required Motor Rating HP    kW
Actual Power = 1HP 0.746kW              
Actual Motor Speed      RPM

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